1. Where can I purchase Motte Island?

You can purchase Motte Island through these distributors:





2. What Operating System does Motte Island use?

Currently Motte Island only supports Windows and Mac OS. Make sure your graphic card at least has 512Mb RAM (the more the better).


3. What kind of installation file does Motte Island use?

We use Adobe Air Installer. Motte Island installation file is prepackaged with air installer; make sure that you have admin privilege on your computer to install it.


4. What keys to use on my keyboard to control the game?

You can use arrow keys to control movements (or WASD), left mouse click for regular attack and right mouse click for power attack. Subsequently, you use spacebar to click through the dialogs.


5. Will you add achievements for Motte Island in Steam?

Most likely will not due to game format and technical limitations.


6. Will Motte Island be released in other languages other than English?

Sadly no. We didn't prepare our game to be released in other languages. The language pack is hardcoded into the sourcecode making it hard to change it. We will, however, put this into high priority for our next game.


7. I am on Steam Client and get this error message: "This installation of this application is damaged. Try re-installing or contact the publisher for assistance". What to do?

Try re-downloading your installation file by: 1. Going to your library 2. Right clicking on "Motte Island" 3. Deleting local content 4. Re-downloading and reinstalling. Make sure your Adobe Air is updated and you have admin privilege on your computer.


9. Are you going to release more games? Action game? Horror game?

Yes and may be not horror. It is still too early to tell. Keep checking back to our website for more info in the near future. We will announce it.


10. I have more specific technical questions, who can I contact?

Please send us an email at support